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PSOE governments On Political Environment Offer


Together with all this production of political, historical or legal thought and analysis, I was more interested in a novel story that, under the name of Saving Catalonia, was published under the pseudonym of Ibai Noguera. What is announced as a novel is largely a chronicle, without literary ambitions, of the events of the process.

The fiction of a response to them by the non-sovereign majority of Catalonia is then incorporated. Noguera, or whatever it is really called, makes a ruthless criticism of the behavior of the Catalan bourgeoisie and businessmen. From the secret and imaginary revolt against the independence movement that some of his characters undertake.

He also denounces the lack of intelligence and audacity when it comes to mediating the influence of the separatists in Catalan society through social networks. It reflects above all the orphanhood and lack of support in which non-independence Catalans (more than half of the country) have suffered with both the PP and PSOE governments.

Although he points out, again, his timid hope that the call to dialogue that today is the mainstay of the political environment can offer real solutions, not dictated by opportunism.

Any of these readings would help non-Catalan negotiators of the various tables that are now called to understand reasons and ravings of the separatists. But if your time is short and your passion for knowledge has already surrendered to audiovisual and Twitter.

I recommend that you read at least the conference of Roberto Fernández Díaz, rector who was from the University of Lleida and former president of the Conference of Rectors , about 1714: the great tort of Catalonia.

Since populist nationalism understands that it all started there, more than 300 years ago, it is convenient to assume the author’s final recommendation: “Let us expel historical science to those who want to sell it for a couple of euros of ideology.”