CEO Corner: Daniel Mijac, CEO and Co-Founder of The TacoCat Company


We recently spoke with Daniel Mijac, the CEO and Co-Founder for The TacoCat Company, a registered community token and real-world brand that connects merchandising, creatives, and promotions with new and emerging cryptocurrencies. He was recently named CEO for the company and just this week, the company announced that their cryptocurrency, named TacoCat Token, is going to Mars.

Business News Tribune: What is TacoCat?

Daniel Mijac: TacoCat is many things but most importantly it is a vision being created into reality. The TacoCat Company encompasses many divisions, with the TacoCat Token cryptocurrency being one of the backbones for our ecosystem. TacoCat is a movement, you could say, intended to tackle the problem with mainstream crypto adoption and educate people about the benefits of blockchain. Around this idea, we are building a lifestyle brand to appeal to all demographics, something which no cryptocurrency project has managed to achieve to date. I believe that crypto is the next upcoming addition to popular culture and mainstream trends, and TacoCat intends to be the innovator in this movement, standing at its forefront.

BNT: When did TacoCat launch?

DM: Truth be told, there was an older version of TacoCat which launched over two months ago, with a completely different team and vision. Through unfortunate events though, the old project team stepped down and left investors with empty pockets. I along with other members of the community decided to take TacoCat into our hands and help reanimate the project into what it is now by donating our entire holdings to a relaunch. We conducted a successful process and compensated holders of the old TacoCat Token with a proportional amount of the new tokens and relaunched the entire project on the 6th of June. None of the old team has access to or is in any way involved with anything TacoCat, and we have since moved on and pressed forward with my and my fellow team members vision for what the project is, should and could be.

BNT: Why launch TacoCat?

DM: I’ve been an avid investor and believer in ambitious ventures my entire life, and I realised with TacoCat that I’ve finally come across something which brings out a never before experienced motivation in me, to take something into my own hands and by making it my own, turning it into something great.

BNT: What is your background and what makes you the perfect one to start this venture?

DM: I started my career as a self-educated day trader back in the late 90s and had a taste of what it takes to become successful in a fast-paced and cutthroat environment and that is where I acquired the skills to make important decisions in split seconds and at the same time multitask and work with other traders to gain competitive info and data on the markets which I later applied on the crypto markets. I have also been a VP and partner of a global real estate development group where I oversaw leading huge projects together with hundreds of employees and contractors and gained the skills to become a natural leader and being able to delegate tasks to team members in order to achieve goals. This has also helped me immensely as the CEO of TacoCat where I had to make key decisions before and during the relaunch of the project that has now made us a contender into becoming a top 100-multibillion-dollar coin!

BNT: Who is on your team?

DM: We have a vast team of wonderful and skilled people in all sorts of backgrounds from marketing to coding and much more. My right-hand man, Jasper van Ravenzwaaij is our COO and deals with day-to-day operations. Our CCO Radek Lenczowski takes care of communications, as well as some hands-on work with the project. Alin Ybarra is our Chief Strategy Officer, with 23 years of financial and asset management experience. CBDO Khaled Mekki deals with business operations and our Chief Technology Officer Zach Scott oversees the technical aspects of our company. We have over 15 other talented and hardworking individuals working with us as well, with people in place for every aspect of the TacoCat Company, from the brand aspect itself to the cryptocurrency part of our business.

BNT: What is your vision of TacoCat?

DM: The goal of TacoCat is to bridge the gap between the crypto sphere and mainstream audiences. I see our project as the leader in driving crypto adoption and catapulting it into popular culture through various use cases, utilities, and streams. In modern culture, you have things like movies, video games, art, sports and more that all have their very own mainstream appeal, so why can’t crypto have this exact effect? The answer is it can, and that is exactly what TacoCat is envisioned to become.

BNT: There are many elements to the company, can you walk us through each one and how they connect?

DM: Absolutely, our company spans across all sorts of sectors and streams. I suppose it is best to start with the cryptocurrency element which is the TacoCat Token, and this is the driving factor of our ecosystem, sort of like its fuel. The entire vision of the company is based on this one aspect, branching out into other areas. We have other divisions such as TacoCat Junior and the TacoCat esports team, which help bring TacoCat towards mainstream attention in their respective sectors. Everything connects through the brand and image of our company, and every single division and aspect, while being different from each other, works together hand in hand sort of like the mechanism of a well-engineered clock.

BNT: There is a lot going on with TacoCat, can you highlight some?

DM: Currently TacoCat is taking part in and sponsoring the Miami Fashion Week, being promoted on stage, as well as models wearing TacoCat swimwear. Coming soon TacoCat will also be taking part in the Vegas, Panama and Paris Fashion Week, and these are all events that help propel the lifestyle aspect of our brand. To compliment this, our web store is launching soon, with the addition of a 3% kickback in TCT on any purchases made.

BNT: TacoCat is going to Mars? Can you give us some detail about this venture?

DM: In Q4 of this year, a space probe will launch containing a metal card with a message from our community and founders, as well as a wallet with 100 million TacoCat tokens. We will be the first cryptocurrency to make it to space, and to the Red Planet, and we will do this together by making history with our community and holders!

BNT: How does TacoCat Token work?

DM: TacoCat Token operates on the Binance Smart Chain. Each transaction is taxed at 9%, and within that, a certain percentage of tokens goes towards liquidity, reflection to holders and a marketing wallet. This ensures good circulation of TCT by providing liquidity, incentivizing holders and helping inject additional marketing funds. As well as this we have complete control over the contract, aka the code of the token, meaning we can make alterations and change these numbers as we see fit, with the input of the community as well, which allows us to stay relevant in the ever-changing crypto scene.

BNT: Is it traded on exchanges?

DM: Yes indeed! TacoCat Token as of right now trades on five centralised exchanges, which are Hotbit, LBank, Coinsbit, LaToken and BitMart, the last of which we are extremely proud of since it’s a top 10 exchange and it’s what we’ve promised our community we will achieve, since the very beginning. There are more exchanges lined up, and from this point forward for each listing we are aiming higher and higher, to bring TacoCat Token to mainstream investors and improve ease of access and purchase.

BNT: Can investors trade TacoCat Token?

DM: Absolutely, TacoCat Token can be traded on the aforementioned five exchanges, as well as on the decentralised exchange PancakeSwap which is where TacoCat Token launched. We are also working on bringing a fiat-on-ramp system in place to our website, where people will be able to purchase TacoCat Tokens with their Visa card!

BNT: Is it a utility token?

DM: TacoCat Token is a utility token with lots of use cases, some of which are planned and, in the works, and others that are coming soon! One of the upcoming use cases is the Diamond Hands app, which is crypto & stocks tracking and social app, intending to become the go-to in its category. TacoCat Token will be the utility token of this app, used as a rewards system, with great marketing potential. In the near future, you’ll be able to utilize TacoCat Token on our upcoming NFT marketplace “NFTaco”, and the ultimate goal of TCT is to make it into a fully ironed out and working payment system that can be accepted globally!  We are also implementing TacoCat Token as an official currency at the Ocean Poker Room at Ocean Sun Casino which is the largest poker room and casino in Panama which will accept TacoCat Tokens as payment for poker players and they can exchange them for poker chips and get an incentive if they change them back to TacoCat Tokens in the form of a reward. This Is just an example of how TacoCats ecosystem is functioning and how we are creating intrinsic value by offering holders rewards for using TacoCat Tokens in different situations such as the Diamond Hands app and the live poker room and we plan to extend the use cases to include a wide array of ideas in the future!

BNT: What keeps you grounded as a CEO?

DM: It’s the incredible TacoCat team and our wonderful community that showed me 100 percent support and trust in leading this project and I feel so blessed to be the CEO of this unique and one of a kind token and company and every day I wake up with a smile knowing that I’m in for a lot of challenging but fun tasks. I can proudly say that we all made this possible despite the odds being against us before we even relaunched. We did something that has never been done before in any crypto and we achieved a bigger success than anyone could have imagined only a month after relaunch!