Dave’s Gourmet Partners with Social Media Influencer to Launch The Pink Sauce

Pink Sauce and creator Chef Pii

Dave’s Gourmet LLC has partnered with a young entrepreneur to help her bring her vision to the market. Chef Pii, the creator of The Pink Sauce™ and a popular social media/TikTok influencer with over 230,000 followers across platforms, attempted to launch her creation to a wanting public, selling out of her initial stock in just days. However, her lack of commercial food production knowledge led to significant obstacles, and she had to pause the production leaving throngs of customers waiting for their product with no immediate solution to satisfy the overwhelming demand for this unique product.

Dave’s Gourmet discovered this controversy soon after it started going viral on various social media platforms and decided to help. After multiple meetings with Dave’s Gourmet team, Chef Pii was excited to enter into an exclusive partnership whereby Dave’s Gourmet assumed responsibility for producing The Pink Sauce™ on a commercial scale under the required food manufacturing guidelines as well as selling the product to the foodservice, retail and e-commerce channels in the US and internationally. Chef Pii will continue driving the social media aspects of the business and will participate in all the major steps of the commercial production of The Pink Sauce™.  

“In less than a week, we nailed it!” said Dave’s Gourmet’s President David Neuman. “Our R&D team was able to re-formulate the sauce to match Chef Pii’s exact color and flavor profile for the product and at the same time change some of the ingredients to make the sauce less complicated, dairy-free, and clean of any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. The public will end up receiving a shelf-stable version of the sensational sauce that Chef Pii envisioned in her Miami kitchen.”

Since June of this year, The Pink Sauce™ and Chef Pii have been featured in many prominent media sources, including Forbes, Fortune, Newsweek, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Fast Company, Rolling Stone, NY Post, The Guardian, Washington Post, People Magazine, NBC News and many others. Chef Pii’s social media accounts have amassed over 154 million video views on TikTok, nearly 2 million video views on Instagram, and over half a billion people have used the #pinksauce on TikTok. The web site https://thepinksauce.com/, has a simple “Stay Notified” opt-in function and in the first week had thousands of submissions.

“This product is not only a social media phenomenon but actually enhances the food it is used with as a condiment,” said Jade Steger, Marketing Director for Dave’s Gourmet. “People are intrigued by its bright pink color and unique taste. It can be paired with pretty much any savory food, creating a playful visual appeal and enhancing the flavor of the dish. This product resonates with the Millennials and Gen Xers who both adore Chef Pii’s vibrant personality and are curious about the delicious and playful condiment that she created.”

Given Dave’s Gourmet’s long history in the pasta and hot sauce markets, the Company’s involvement with Chef Pii has given The Pink Sauce™ immediate credibility as a viable and safe food product and in the first week of working on this project, Dave’s Gourmet has been contacted by national restaurant chains who want this unique sauce in their stores as soon as possible and is in talks with a few major retail chains about selling The Pink Sauce™ through the retail channel. “Production is planned for this fall,” said Neuman, “We are working 24/7 to make it happen.”

“It’s our pleasure to reach out to a talented foodie who has not had any experience with commercial production of sauces, and, with our expertise and resources, help bring her Pink Sauce™ to the market. We encourage other food companies to do the same. The youth of today have their fingers on the pulse of what their contemporaries want but may not have the knowledge, ability or capital to bring a product idea to market quickly, safely and on a large scale,” Neuman concluded. “Look for the jaw-dropping Pink Sauce™ on various e-commerce platforms, in restaurants, and on major food retailers’ shelves soon. We are excited and striving to make The Pink Sauce™ a household name!”